Why it's Important to Disconnect

We depend so much on the digital world. We have jobs through it, side hustles, entertainment, events, etc.

For me, I depend on the digital world for my job. I find I am starring at a screen from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. Even when the work day is over, I turn to a different screen to watch a TV show or movie. I sometimes don't realize how much time I am actually spending in front of screens.

I have made it a priority for myself to have a designated time each day to disconnect from digital world. How do I do that?

-While having dinner, I put my phone away and enjoy the company of boyfriend and we discuss our days.

-Going for a walk at lunch time or after dinner to get some fresh air and take in some vitamin D.

-Scheduling visits with friends and family on the weekend. Having time with the people you love most is the best way to disconnect!

It's small steps to take, but they make a huge impact. Your mind will feel less cluttered and your brain will feel relaxed.

How do you disconnect?

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